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Image mosaic

C#, "unsafe" code

Image manipulation where we need a number of images (titles) which will "glued" together will compose another image (target).

Rental application

AngularJS, Java Jersey, PHP, Token Bearer, CI, Jenkins

Supports creation of accounts, authentification, properties, tenants, lease contracts and management of bills.

Workers manager

Javascript, workers

This library abstracts the javascript workers allowing specify a number of tasks that need to run and it will start the optimal number of workers to run them, queue them and return you the result as they finish.

3D Plane fight Try it

Javascript, three.js

Using the library three.js this game consist on shooting moving enemies and fly around without crushing with the mountains.

Expense Manager

Mobile app, Java, Cordova (PhoneGap), Javascript, AngularJS

This mobile app allow you to create an account, create budgets, transactions in, allow other people to add transactions, see stats and synchronize the budgets accross devices using a Java interface.

Identity Manager

C#, Thinktecture.IdentityServer.V3

Enhance this opensource project to support multi-tenancy as this feature was needed and wasn't available.

TeamCity Alert

Javascript, Chrome Extension

Small chrome extension which will keep you up to date with your TeamCity continous integration builds, showing notifications in case some build failed giving you information about the commit that break it and the person who committed it.


Javascript, grunt task

This library read all the dependencies of a project and inject them in the index.html file. Is being extended to allow injecting them in different groups.



Detailed description of my projects and programming related posts.

Master Thesis

Java J2me, assembly, microchip PIC, ...

My master thesis was about a force monitoring system for a electrical bicycle. Designing and built the electronics of the device that would mesure the force applied to the pedals and transmit them to an external device.